Weekly Wisdom social media program

Publish your reflections once a week on LinkedIn, in a highly engaging and compelling way.

We make it both easy and enlightening for you to do this. Easy, because all you do is have a conversation with us. Enlightening, because our conversations will give you perspective on your actions and most important beliefs.

Other people can read your reflections at their leisure. They can choose to remain anonymous or they can jump in and share their own ideas. They can also share your thoughts with others, easily.

When you think about this, it’s almost shocking that most leaders don’t (yet) use social media in this way… it’s the best device ever invented for sharing your thoughts in a positive and easily-accessible manner.

How it works

We set up a weekly 30-minute call with you. During it, you’ll share what’s on your mind. It’s a conversation. You don’t have to prepare in advance.

These weekly calls provide you with a chance to catch your breath and reflect on what happened of value during the past week, and what your priorities are for the week ahead.

Here’s the important part: we don’t just sit and listen. We ask probing questions. We share a few of our own lessons, to help you gain a bit more perspective.

We then write a LinkedIn update in your name that you publish on your LinkedIn feed. It will sound like you because we’ve used your words.

As your network gets used to the fact that you now publish once a week, they’ll come to look forward to—and trust—your insights and observations. You’ll broaden and strengthen your network, without doing any “promotion” whatsoever. In doing so, you’ll set you and your company up for further growth.

This approach provides valuable transparency into what’s going on inside your head, something that employees, customers, investors, partners, and friends will all value. In fact, the lack of transparency is what often sinks unsuccessful entrepreneurs, who end up frustrated with their inability to communicate well.

Sample post: Good or Evil?

For many of our clients, we write Weekly Wisdom pieces like this one that they publish on LinkedIn. Those posts are based on a weekly conversation we have with each client.

Are you using your talent for good or evil?

"Me? Use my talents for evil?" Yes, you. I'm asking you.

If you're using your talents to defend the status quo, even when the status quo has outlived its usefulness, that's evil. In doing so, you are preventing others from growing.

Using your talents to roadblock others who might think differently than you, or compete for your job, that's evil.

But using your talents to bring out the best in others? That's good.

Bringing an open mind and active curiosity to the world, that's good.

When you look at it this way, far too many people lean towards the evil side. Not deliberately, but accidentally. If this ever happens to you, lean back towards the good.

Sample post: Never Lose Perspective

For many of our clients, we write Weekly Wisdom pieces like this one that they publish on LinkedIn. Those posts are based on a weekly conversation we have with each client.

My top career lesson number 9... "Never lose perspective. Your worst fears are nothing compared to what some people face each day just to find clean drinking water and enough food. Toughen up."

Twice, I quit a great job because I "couldn't" stand another day working in an environment that didn't fully fit my demeanor.

What an idiot I was. Couldn't? In reality, I just didn't feel like it. I had NO idea what actually hardship meant. I wasn't starving, homeless, in actual danger, or near death. I was just being spoiled and entitled.


You may think... I'm too scared to ask for a raise, or... I don't have the skills to pursue a bigger job, or... I'll throw up if I have to speak to 100 people.


As real as they may feel at the time, these fears are nothing compared to the challenges so many human beings face around the world as they search for food, clean water and safety.

Step back. Get some perspective. Then toughen up.