To be a genuine and effective leader, you need a thinking partner (who also writes).


The Backstory

We used to be just damn good social media ghostwriters, serving entrepreneurs and leaders.

But over the years, we have increasingly served as touchstones for our clients. Our weekly conversations around their social media posts took on a reflective quality. Leaders were using our time together to gain clarity over what mattered most to them, and how well they were serving those priorities.

Accidentally, we had created a new category. Instead of being ghostwriters who help leaders gain clarity, we became Thinking Partners who also write.


We help you rise above the noise of the world, stay true to yourself, and elevate your impact.


How It Works

We speak with you once a week. It’s a genuine conversation, and one of the first questions we’ll ask is how well you are dealing with the noise of the world. That noise comes from many sources, both good and bad. It comes from having minor goals compete with major ones. It comes from trying to inspire others. It comes from losing sight of your priorities. And it comes from reaching higher while the world around you sometimes seems like it wants to stop you from doing that.

We listen well, but we also ask a lot of questions. Our calls are stimulating and comforting, but they also make you think and reflect. This provides you with immense value because by working with us you have committed to set aside each week time for thinking. Doing so is the mark of a successful leader.

Following our conversation, we draft a social media post or article in your name. The piece will share your insights and lessons learned over the past week, designed to deliver value to and better connect and engage with those who matter most to you. You’ll get that draft within 24-48 hours, and can then publish it.

Every piece we write for you shares your reflections with one vitally important qualification: it serves others.


With our support, you will publish one powerful social media post every single week.

This three-step system powers all our work with our clients.

This three-step system powers all our work with our clients.

why it works

The easiest way to understand why this approach works so beautifully is to break it down via our three-step Elevate model.

Step one is Be Self-Aware. In our weekly calls, we are helping you to do just that:

  • What do you stand for?

  • What are your priorities?

  • How are you serving your most valuable relationships?

  • What are your unique strengths and talents?

  • What do you want to say to the people around you?

Step two is Serve Others. This is how you build strong relationships, earn trust and gain credibility. It is also how you motivate, inspire and instruct.

Every piece we create for you follows this principle. We help you stay true to what works best on social media, in business and in life.

Step three is Reach Higher. It means to be the best version of yourself. It doesn’t just mean grow your business. By working with you on a weekly basis, we help you be your best as you also fulfill your goals. (Many leaders abandon the best version of themselves as the noise of the world gets too loud.)

In short, we serve as a sort of touchstone for you.


Be vulnerable, they say; a a leader’s vulnerability leaves room for others to bring out their best.

Be transparent; people can only follow your vision if they understand your vision.

Be genuine; we all have gotten extremely good at sniffing out BS, buzzwords and false bravado.

But all of the above are easier said than done. Very few leaders can dig deep into your hearts and minds and share the best of what’s there… unless you have a bit of help. All leaders need sounding bounds, and most need a bit of help communicating with clarity and focus.

As your Thinking Partner, we make it easier for you to connect with others.

As your Thinking Partner, we make it easier for others to connect with you.

P.S. If you want to share our Elevate philosophy with your employees or customers, we would be delighted to speak at your company or next event.