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Lonnie Mayne, Amy Blaschka, and Bruce Kasanoff in our Park City offices

Lonnie Mayne, Amy Blaschka, and Bruce Kasanoff in our Park City offices

For us, 2019 is the year of Red Shoes Living. We’ll be publishing a book of the same name from our friend and colleague, Lonnie Mayne.

We will also be helping him create and deliver a series of Red Shoes workshops, events, and reports that make it easier to stand out for the positive in everything you do. In addition, we’ll be partnering with leading companies whose offerings enable Red Shoes moments.

As the president of technology company InMoment, Lonnie proved that his Red Shoes philosophy drives business growth and success.

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Lonnie is already teaching his philosophy and framework to leadership teams across the United States. As he says, “If you give me fifteen minutes, I will change your life.” We have felt the truth of that statement in our own lives.

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Here is a short excerpt from the beginning of Lonnie Mayne’s forthcoming book:

Awareness is the first step. It means many things. Be aware—of how your actions impact others, of what is most important to the people who matter most to you, of whether your actions are congruent with your beliefs and your talk—and of so many other things that Red Shoes will draw to your attention. It also means being aware of your health and the beautiful world around us.

Gratitude is simple to understand but often challenging to remember. Take nothing for granted, not your health, not friendship, not the privilege of having a good job, not the opportunity to show initiative, and not the skills and energy you bring to the world. Gratitude opens our world and makes it prime for opportunities.

Everyone has a story, and you need to listen to these stories! The greatest gift you can give is to acknowledge another person’s humanity, and you need to do this before you launch into a sales pitch or a list of “To Dos” for an employee. People will tell you how to utilize their talents best... if you pay attention.

Respect and kindness is a fundamental belief that if I can be kind and respectful and bring accountability into that, I will get more out of you.... and you will get more out of me. Instead of barking commands to baristas, employees, and children, you can offer kindness and respect and get an even better response.

Put yourself out there is another way of saying, “Stand out for the positive.” It literally means, “Stand out like a pair of red shoes.” Stand out by being more helpful, more professional, more compassionate, and more responsible. Be better than you were a week ago. Reach higher. Show more pride. Be noticeably different. It’s action-oriented.

Here’s where this starts to change your life.

Once you start thinking about these five steps, you gain perspective on the way you have been living versus the ways you could be living. It starts with little things, like how you interact with the waitress in a restaurant. Are you the gruff, zoned out customer or the one who treats her like a human being and adds kindness and respect to her day? When you pick the latter, it feels good. So good that you’ll want to feel that way again, soon. But it also means you bring out the best version of that individual. You become both an energy giver and receiver.

These five steps create a standard by which you can live. Most people lack such a standard, or have simply let the negative noise of the world drown out what they know to be true, so—this may sound weird—they just wing it.

If I asked you yesterday whether day after day you have tried to stand out for the positive, the question might have confused you. It probably wasn’t something you thought about in any sort of focused way. Perhaps it would have made you think deeper and harder about the response.

But if you take these words to heart and I ask you the same question next month, you will say, “Yes, I do. Here’s how.”

At this point, you might be thinking: this is a nice way to live, but how would it help a company?

Let’s imagine that you work for a woman who has fully embraced Red Shoes. She wants to deliver Red Shoes treatment not only to her customers, but also to her employees. But this aspiration comes with expectations. She can’t fulfill her aspiration by herself. She needs you, and all your colleagues, to embrace this philosophy. She needs your help to deliver Red Shoes experiences to your customers, and she also needs you to treat your peers in a manner consistent with the Red Shoes philosophy.

The philosophy runs deep. The more you think about it, the more you try it, the clearer this will become.

Red Shoes leads to accountability. It leads to responsibility. It changes your standards, your goals and aspirations. It's a better way.

And it changes everything.

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To help kick off a fantastic 2019 winter season, Lonnie Mayne spoke to team members at Montage Deer Valley.

To help kick off a fantastic 2019 winter season, Lonnie Mayne spoke to team members at Montage Deer Valley.