We create customized programs
to inject enlightened self-interest
into your corporate culture.

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We help leaders inject enlightened self-interest into their culture, through corporate communications and training programs we create.

Our work does not replace your existing strategy or culture; it simply adds a greater focus on the needs of others.

While everything we create is customized to meet your needs and goals, all our work is based on our three-step Elevate framework shown above.

For example…

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Think of your life (and career) as the intersection of serving others and being fully aware. The first is an easy concept, but the second not so much.

Awareness operates on many levels, but let's consider three:

There is self-awareness, which means understanding your strengths, weaknesses, dreams and fears.

There is awareness of others, which means understanding their strengths, weaknesses, dreams and fears.

Then there is situational awareness, which means grasping the entirety of what is happening right now and right here. Are you being supportive or detached? Are you pontificating or listening and learning?

It is not enough simply to have the intention to serve. You also need to cultivate awareness, which is a lifelong, never-ending endeavor.