To help leaders be clear and compelling, we each serve as a ghostwriter and thinking partner for our clients.

By publicly writing about your core beliefs, ideas, and insights, you will be shifting the people around you towards the positive.

We ask that new clients agree to:

  1. Have a weekly standing call with your ghostwriting partner of 30 minutes, during which time we focus on the most positive message that you can share with others. Following our conversation, we turn your insights into a social media post released in your name.

  2. With our support, publish your thoughts at least once a week.

  3. Pay us a monthly retainer.

  4. Commit to working with us for at least six months.

The reason for these four requests is simple: consistent sharing of your positive messages is what it takes to make a difference; this approach encourages leaders to protect our time together each week, even when you get busy.

How to get started

Your first step is to schedule an introductory call. We’ll talk about your needs, and we can explain our process and what you should expect. 


More than just social media

While most of our clients initially seek us out for help with social media, we can also help you with…

Values statements: If you don’t work on your company culture, you won’t have one.

Employee communications: Want to inspire your team? When you need to be extremely clear and persuasive, we can supply you with just the right words.

Your own story: Do you know the difference between confident and arrogant? Confidence is, “I got this.” Arrogance is, “I’m better than everyone else.” Under constant pressure to lead, it’s all too easy to appear to cross the line between inspirational and, well, overbearing.

We can serve as a touchstone to help you be a positive role model, confident and assured, but always also respectful and aware. Words matter, and we can help you bring the right words when they matter most.