We apply the principles of enlightened self-interest to help executives communicate in a more genuine and engaging manner.

Follow your highest and best path

This is what we help our ghostwriting clients do.

We serve many extraordinarily talented professionals who come to us because they want to have an even greater impact. They want to change lives—and organizations—for the better.

We help our clients do this by serving as their thinking partners. This means that we not only create content for you but that we also help you conceive of new ways to make a difference in the world.

We call it “ghostwriting, elevated.”

We make it easier for you to get to the essence of what matters and then strip away everything else that might distract others from your key insights.

Some of our clients like to join us in Park City, to gain perspective and then have us translate their learnings into a form that is easy to share with others.

Our work might result in a new book, training program, social media series, or presentation.

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Take the next step

Interested? Curious?

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Just use this contact form to give us a couple of times you are available to talk. We should be able to make one of them work, and we’ll email you back to confirm.