Gain perspective. Build trust. Strengthen relationships. Move toward growth.

Accomplish all four benefits with What’s On Your Mind?, our social media program for entrepreneurs. It allows you to publish your reflections once a week on LinkedIn, with our thinking and writing support.

30 minutes, once a week…

We set up a standing weekly call with you. During it, you’ll share what’s on your mind. It’s a conversation. You don’t have to prepare in advance.

These weekly calls provide you with a chance to catch your breath and reflect on what happened of value during the past week, and what your priorities are for the week ahead.


Here’s the important part: we don’t just sit and listen. We ask probing questions. We share a few of our own lessons, to help you gain a bit more perspective.

We then write a LinkedIn update in your name that you publish on your LinkedIn feed. It will sound like you because we’ve used your words.

As your network gets used to the fact that you now publish once a week, they’ll come to look forward to—and trust—your insights and observations. You’ll broaden and strengthen your network, without doing any “promotion” whatsoever. In doing so, you’ll set you and your company up for further growth.

This approach provides valuable transparency into what’s going on inside your head, something that employees, customers, investors, partners, and friends will all value. In fact, the lack of transparency is what often sinks unsuccessful entrepreneurs, who end up frustrated with their inability to communicate well.

Social media + coaching + marketing + thinking partner

With this program, we serve in many roles while not really fitting into any of them.

Yes, we will significantly boost your social media presence and impact.

Yes, we will deliver many of the benefits to you that a coach would.

Yes, we will help you build trust in ways that marketers only wish they could promise to deliver.

And, yes, we will become your true thinking partner in helping you wrestle with what matters enough to you that you want to share it with your network.

But in reality, we are no single one of these things. We are an utterly unique program, built on the expertise we’ve acquired over many years having this sort of conversation with many entrepreneurs.

Take the next step

Interested? Intrigued?

We’d be glad to set up an introductory call with either one of our co-founders, Amy Blaschka or Bruce Kasanoff.

Just use this contact form to give us a couple of times you are available to talk. We should be able to make one of them work, and we’ll email you back to confirm.

If you’re curious, most of our clients run a business of a few hundred people or less. That’s the sweet spot at which a lot of people want to know what you think, but you haven’t yet been surrounded by a communications staff that tells you want you can and can’t say publicly.