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Harness the awesome power of enlightened self-interest as a business and career strategy.

Want to help your team elevate their careers and lives? Bring the Elevate philosophy to your company or next event. It simplifies enlightened self-interest so that all can practice it in a more significant manner.

Amy Blaschka and Bruce Kasanoff are a unique team, unlike any other speakers. They are amusing, thought-provoking, compassionate and inspirational.

“The surest path to elevating your organization is to elevate the lives of the people who work in it.”

the big difference

Most business presentations are about the business, which is an abstract concept most people literally don’t fully understand.

Amy and Bruce always address audiences on a human level. Their framework works for individuals regardless of whether they are executives or entry level, and it works even if they change jobs.

That said, when enough people in an organization understand and adopt the Elevate framework, it changes the company’s performance.

ideal audiences

The co-founders of Park City Think Tank speak to organizations that care deeply about bringing out talent in their employees. As such, their audiences cut across many industries and are best described by the attitudes of their leaders: positive, uplifting and collaborative.

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