We study enlightened self-interest as a business and career strategy.


Starting in the first quarter of 2019, we will begin publishing reports on the following subjects. Sponsorships are available; if interested, please contact us.

  • Enlightened Self-Interest in Social Media

  • Enlightened Self-Interest in Leadership

  • Enlightened Self-Interest in Customer Experience

Each of our reports will share highly positive—and actionable—ways to grow revenues in a human-centered, needs-driven manner.

Why sponsor a report?

Our reports provide a high-visibility way for leaders to show employees, customers and partners what matters most. If your culture and values fit with enlightened self-interest, then sponsoring one or more reports makes this clear to all.

As a sponsor, your organization is not only supporting the dissemination of knowledge around enlightened self-interest, but it is also demonstrating what it means to practice this philosophy. You will be doing what is right for the stakeholders and communities around you, secure in the knowledge that in the long run such actions will benefit your company as well.