New book — Red Shoes Living

Lonnie Mayne.jpg

We’re delighted to announce that the first book in our new publishing imprint will be Red Shoes Living from our friend and colleague, Lonnie Mayne.

Yes, Lonnie is ridiculously in demand as an engaging keynote speaker.

Yes, as the leader of InMoment, Lonnie proved that his Red Shoes philosophy drives business growth and success.

Yes, Lonnie is already teaching his philosophy and framework to leadership teams across the United States.

No, that’s not why we are publishing this book.

Lonnie is the real deal. He practices what he preaches. We know, because we literally see him agonize each day whether he has done enough to stand out for the positive. Yesterday, for example, he spoke to a high school in the morning… to a group of executives just after lunch… and at a Silicon Slopes event that night. And just before the last event, he was worried about bringing enough energy and focus (he did.)

We’ll tell you more in the coming weeks, but this is going to be great.