The best path to corporate growth is elevating every individual your organization touches.

We are a think tank that helps businesses embrace ways to grow by elevating the individuals they touch: customers, employees, and partners.

We spark dialogue and encourage new ways of thinking, as we challenge conventional business approaches. Standing out for the positive is an individual decision, not an organizational one. But when enough individuals within an organization make such a decision, it changes the organization dramatically for the better.

Through many different offerings—keynote speeches and workshops, retreats in Park City, research reports and books—we share strategies and frameworks that create lasting economic value.

We believe that all business growth and success is powered by positive human relationships. Period.

We are a small and highly entrepreneurial organization based on a mountain in Park City, Utah. If you have an idea or suggestion, we would love to hear it.

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Our Co-Founders

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Amy Blaschka


Amy Blaschka is a ghostwriter and thinking partner for leaders. She is also one of the most positive and popular storytellers on social media, whose engaging communication style has earned her an enthusiastic following. A former branding consultant, Amy helps accomplished professionals position themselves as thought leaders and communicate in a manner that enhances their connection with others. She covers "personal transformation and its impact on career growth" for and is the co-author with Bruce Kasanoff of I Am: Escape Distractions, Unlock Your Imagination & Unleash Your Potential

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Bruce Kasanoff


For over 20 years, Bruce has been a ghostwriter and thinking partner for thought leaders, helping them to conceptualize, create and share original ideas. Bruce has created and led dozens of personal and corporate development programs. He is a LinkedIn Influencer with over 850,000 followers, and he covers "bringing out talent in others" for He is the co-author with Amy Blaschka of I Am: Escape Distractions, Unlock Your Imagination & Unleash Your Potential. He is also the author of How to Self-Promote Without Being a Jerk and Never Tell People What You Do

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lonnie mayne


Lonnie Mayne led InMoment, one of the largest and most recognized customer experience optimization companies in the world. Today he is a highly popular keynote speaker and trusted advisor to senior leadership teams. He is the author of Red Shoes Living: Stand Out for the Positive in Everything You Do, to be published in 2019 by Park City Think Tank. In a world that is increasingly noisy and negative, the Red Shoes philosophy offers a clear path to making a positive impact in the world.